5 Simple Medium And Long Hairstyles | Mens Hair 2017

Five hairstyles that you can acvhive when you have medium and longer hair. Have a great week!


How to wear a cap with long hair:

Music: Lensko – Circles [NCS Release]
Diviners – Savannah (feat. Philly K) [NCS Release]

From: Michael South



  1. My hair lets me do the last one with 2 bangs on the sides which makes me look like a real nice casual housewife type of a man xD (luv it). But keep in mind my hair stays like that even when its all loose (but more fluffy on the sides and on the back because wavy)

  2. I love my long but i can get tiresome … When im lazy i just throw on a beanie 😂😂
    With a hair band somehere in my bag or on my hand

  3. Niceeee
    Quick question for all long hair guys …. When was the last time you had a haircut( not a trim) ?
    For me it was September 2014 😊

  4. Khalid Jabbar Almayah

    I love the top knot
    Makes me feel like a warrior ☺
    I’m a bit embarrassed about this question but
    Today I wasn’t allowed to go inside my college because of my long hair
    Been growing it for almost 16 months and no way I’m cutting it
    Is there anyway to hide it and make it look like a normal short hair?

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