5 Fall/Autumn Style Style Ideas 2017 | Mens Fall Lookbook | BluMaan 2017

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– It’s receiving colder. Bout time for five fall fashion style guidelines for 2017!
– 5 Great Style Hacks That Save Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuKQDrmTJlg

Things Featured:
Red Flannel Shirt:
– https://www.zara.com/us/en/man/shirts/checked/flannel-shirt-c529012p5105034.html
Yellow Bomber Jacket:
– https://www.zara.com/us/en/man/jackets/bomber/classic-bomber-jacket-c763565p4625561.html
Dark Jacket:
– https://www.zara.com/us/en/man/jackets/faux-leather/leather-impact-jacket-c527506p4913014.html
Khaki Green Leather Boots:
– https://us.riverisland.com/p/khaki-leather-boots-303478
Blue Sweater:
– https://www.zara.com/us/en/man/knitwear/view-all-c733867.html (can’t find particular one particular)


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Today I’m bringing you five fashion style ideas for fall 2017! You will find all the style suggestions to ace mens fashion for this fall. I’ll inform you what colours you ought to be wearing, the very best shoes for the season, and what jacket you should have on your back! If it’s fall fashion, I’ve got it!
Make positive to hold watching the BluMaan channel for the rest of 2017, I can’t wait to share what’s coming up. We’ve much more style advice, hair hacks, style hauls, and tutorials. Hope you take pleasure in!

From: BluMaan

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  1. Jc Cardenas

    Hey man what type of jeans are you wearing? I just bought a pair of skinny jeans and they fit more like slim straights. I want a pair of jeans like yours, please let me know.

  2. Samuel Unchiasu

    can you please do a vid where you would buy such clothes… Hopefully I get a job soon so I can actually start looking decent. Just a general vid on how to look great under 100$ or so. I imagine you have already but an update if you say..

  3. Hey idk if u already did this but can u make a video talking about how many hair strands you lose throughout the day. Like how many strands u see on your hand while shampooing cuz im rly self conscious when it comes to hair. My dad is bald but my hair is similar to my mom who had thick hair. Im worried im losing more then i shud so i dont shampoo and clean as much as i shud even tho everyone says im not losing more then i shud. Thanks

  4. EYO!!
    I gotta say… this is one of my most favorite vids I’ve posted in a while. In the past I never really took my "fashion" content thaaat seriously, just kinda posting a vid when I got some new clothes, (and sometimes the pieces weren’t that great/ content not really thought through that well). I’m on a mission to branch out from hair and I’m hoping that you can tell the difference in research and the way this video was put together compared to some of my older fashion related content. Hoping to prove that I’ve got some good tips out there that isn’t just about hair! 😛

    Hope ya’ll enjoy, feedback is always appreciated 🙂

    p.s. hair content will still be a thing before some of ya’ll freak out

  5. hey Blu, love your contents. I have a question related to Cavalier Clay tho. love the product, but I see that after applying it for about 15 minutes, the oil kinda "settle" and my hair gets shinier, also because my hair is a bit of the Oily type. It’s minimal problem but just wondering can I do anything to make it my hair more matt-looking

  6. Bobby Smacker

    To all my California people I can’t wait to share the sun at the beach with our flip flop sandals and tank top clothing this winter! 🙂

  7. Ricardo D.L.

    I have a problem with my hair when using any sort of poststyler-prestyler combonations…

    After my finished look I have the pretty basic quiff going in the same direction as my natural hair growth (still backwards tho because it’s a quiff obviously) the front on my hair right in the middle at the very front of my widows peak will always stick out very noticeably.

    No matter how much product I use it will always stick out and it is very annoying… any tips..?

    (If that isn’t descriptive enough let me

  8. Manny Cantu

    Hey Joe I have a question, I got my hair relaxed (straight perm?) and it’s been about a month-ish since I did it. But my hair is going back to its wave/curl. What did I do wrong? Please let me know, greatly appreciated 😀

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