5 Straightforward Way of life Adjustments That Will (Raise Your Vibration A Lot!)

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– Victor Oddo

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So a lot of folks ask me how to raise their vibration. In this video I share five practical things that Anyone can do to make a Considerable effect on their vibrational frequency.

So several items we do in a single day have a large effect on our vibration.

I found that gradually integrating some of these practices at a pace I am comfortable with to be the ideal and most effective strategy.

To your soaring vibration!


Victor Oddo

From: Victor Oddo

one hundred


  1. Thank you for once again addressing issues that I’ve been dealing with. I’ve been feeling really low today and your message helped a lot.

  2. DivineUnionTV

    Love those …

    Breathe is my main. Visualization of energy moving … tension out … toxins out … warmth and light in …
    Petting my organs with my mind … thinking of the liver and breathing toward the liver. Repeat with all organs and bones …
    Hugging my Twin …
    Embodying rest … even if it’s only for a second.
    Perspective shifting … form wherever I am to someplace else, then back again … <3

  3. Janice Mercier Mercier

    Never watch the news anymore, ugh. If I DO watch tv, I either mute the ads or FF. DAILY meditation helps,and I became self aware at 53 yrs old 4 years ago. I light my altar nightly and live in a state of Gratitude, eat my Vegies in high fiber and high protein smoothies, and watch your videos almost daily!!!

  4. i thought i had a high vibration because I see a lot of synchronicity but I have a lot of anxiety too and feel down a lot because I feel alone. I have a lot of consciousness and awareness and from time to time know I’ve felt connected to the other side. Not sure if I’m still in high vibration then based on your initial statement.

  5. Craig Bailey

    nothings what it seems to be im a replica im a replica, empty shell inside of me im not myself im a replica of me, are you gonna leave me now QUOTE sonata arctica

  6. im going through a really crazy tough time in my life right now. people i meet seem to be treating me like they hate me. i don’t know why this is happening because i’m just being the same person i was last month. but this month even my own mother has said bad things to me. which really shocked and upset me. why is this happening?

  7. Another great one Vic. I’m not sure if you made a vid on this, but how about a discussion on the importance of sleep. I know it sounds obvious, but in today day in age sleep is usually the first thing to go side ways. How is sleep important to the awakening process, if at all? How to allow ourselves to actually get proper sleep? These are some of the questions I ask myself. I’d be honest. I myself hate sleeping. I wish my body would only need 4 or less hours of sleep, but this isn’t the case and I force myself to get proper sleep whenever I definitely needed.

  8. darren hudson

    Hey Victor,
    Thanks for another awesome installment!
    btw: Nice chem trails on the Arizona-style picture on the T.V. behind you, (~23 through your excellent presentation).

  9. Swear to god love your work you are a true inspiration keep it up! Can i ask how can you manifest friends that are also awake,or how can you try and awaken others some people are just too stuck in the matrix though i have tried people just look at you like pssshhh this dude but i still try anyway . Is there any websites where you can talk with other people or like you stuff like that. Happy 12/12 people loving the energies lots of love to you all!

  10. Jaime Nicole

    I am so glad I found your channel!! I get ready in the morning every day to your videos and it makes my days MUCH better! It’s so hard sometimes being an Empath, but lately I have truly embraced the fact that it is a gift I’ve been given. I am so grateful! I appreciate you! 💛

  11. Great list! All of these are things really affect my tuning and change my behavior. Easy to do when I’m stoked for success but the effort required from lower mood energy is a test of my seriousness. But most of these have become a natural tenancy which has created a more serious and rapid evolution in my life.
    The last few days has been seriously challenging for my fear mind as fear seems to surround me on all sides – but I seem to be playing with my ability to stop and refocus. I am experiencing the relief and even elevation of mood swings.
    I seriously must take immediate measures at the onset of fearful thinking and the motivator at this point is the extreme emotional feeling of terror that accompanies these attacks when I allow them to persist for a minute. I mean the narrative is so bleak it calls up suicidal hopelessness and feelings of helplessness, self hatred and the like! Doing the work requires me to suspend thinking about any of the problems and focusing on feeling better period. As I start feeling relief my thoughts shift so noticeably and I find that fascinating. And even the energy shift is monumental.
    I guess my point is that this is a good time to practice these routines and habits of choice because we are – or at-least I am – in major choice points and the difference is life and death serious. And its giving me a real glimpse of the alternate world reality’s in real time.

  12. Thank you Victor!! That last part was definitely where I was heading, but after what you said, I have to find a way to deal with everyone I’m around, work, home, the town I grew up in, without feeling like I want to isolate myself from this society, and shut everyone out. Maybe it’s me, but thinking back, I feel that no one had my best interest outside my mom (rip), even now I feel that way, but then again it could just be me.

  13. I do little things like meditate and read and i try to speak positively everyday. Ive noticed since researching and studying ive been feeling a lot better than before bt i do have times wen im n doubt and the hardest part for me is really cutting out the things that hinder me from exceling like i should b. It feels like im getting signs telling me what i should do or reminding me im on the right path as i discover more bt its a part of me thats holding me back im literally in tug a war wit myslf. Idk what extra push i need.

  14. Thank you victor for all your inspiration. Your "morning routine" video inspired me to get up at 5am and having my own one. Its a really helpfull habit.

  15. Light and love brother I enjoy your videos and you been a big help to my spiritual journey. Mine was an unusual one because I was enlightened on an LSD trip. I have now gave up weed and everything except psychedelics which I rarely do but I enjoy the mystical feel and synchronostic event while tripping. I’m just raising my frequency trying to help awaken souls who want to wake up now. Nameste my brother 😁

  16. Xdark_dreamsX

    I’m glad you mentioned everybody’s diets being different. I have to eat meat and that’s not going to change no matter what.

  17. Elias Martinez

    You help me so much in so many ways!!!! all the time!! I am so glad to in some kind of way have you in my life, thank you Victor!! 🙏🏽

  18. Could you elaborate on what you do for your journal? I journal a lot but it’s random- not a set time. I might be one of the few that love writing in journals I would love to see a video about that or other similar issues. And once again thank you for your videos!

  19. also I am concerned with some of what you are saying a lot of what you said makes it sound like this is for people that want to be "winners". I mean I know what you are getting at with letting people go but I dont feel like that should be taken lightly at all. And you might just be condensing things for time sake but yeah. Just throwing it out there.

  20. Michael Wilson

    Glad to hear even Vic still has patience issues. I used to just think I was an ahole, and always just felt like I couldn’t control myself. But, once the inner calm comes, it becomes easier and at least now I know I’m not a ahole and I’m just like Vic.haha

  21. Donna Sinclair

    Thank you Vic, for being on this journey with us all. Great to be able to share collectively what we are all going through individually. Keeping it light and real, so we can all resonate and truly know we have others on this amazing path with us. Sharing our experiences with other light spirit warriors who completely understand that we are all on the amazing journey together. Love from Australia.

  22. Jax Thunderbolt

    dude every time i see your videos im like DUDE YES! its crazy and awesome to see all these other people going through the same type of stuff, im just in awe and excited abut what comes out of this "awakening" to christ consciousness. I like what you said at the end, about being in your own high energy bubble, it snapped me out of a stagnant energy, "enjoy the journey and just kinda do my best and thats helped me learn to be content where i’m at and not need to be at a higher vibration to be happy with myself and my life." – Victor oddo.. 
    by the way thats the exact state of consciousness and bliss i felt on DMT, just being okay and content with everything and knowing its okay.

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