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Billionaire Rich Lifestyle – Lifestyles Around The Planet 2015

Billionaire Rich Life-style – Lifestyles Around The Globe 2015
Wealthy wannabes and 24-carat gold millionaires mingled at the Billionaire Club’s Monaco Grand Prix after celebration, Sunday.
Mercedes race winner Nico Rosberg will have found his name prime of the guest list for the post-race poolside soiree at the Fairmont Hotel, which overlooks the circuit’s popular hairpin.
The club, presided more than by former Benetton and Renault team boss Flavio Briatore, is created to serve up a neat cocktail of all that the Monte Carlo race weekend has come to represent — racing, glamor, hedonism and wealth.
“This is a dream for lots of folks for one evening,” Briatore told CNN. “The moment you are in, you are a VIP for us.
“It tends to make no difference if you happen to be the prime actor in America or wherever, for us everybody is the exact same.”
Briatore’s Billionaire Life brand is selling a luxury way of life and the historic race around the principality — a playground for the wealthy and popular — is the best backdrop for some of the world’s estimated 1,645 billionaires to blow off steam.
“Billionaires and the ultra-wealthy cross the globe like migratory birds and Monaco is a single of the crucial events,” David Friedman, president of wealth intelligence firm Wealth-X, explained to CNN.
“There is a cultural template in racing. If you contrast Formula A single with Nascar for instance, exactly where the origins actually came from running moonshine across State lines throughout the Prohibition, the DNA of F1 is so different.”
Briatore agreed: “Everybody desires to be at this race from the sponsors to the celebrities. The Billionaire Club is the center of this occasion, this celebration and all this celebrity.
“All the drivers are there Sunday night,” he promised.
Right after attending Sunday’s royal grand prix gala dinner, hosted by Monaco’s Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene, Rosberg, who was raised in Monaco, may well have opted to head home to his Monte Carlo pad for an early evening.
For others the midnight to dawn party at the Billionaire Grand Prix Gala kept on swinging.
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The evening promised planet-popular DJs, unique performances and inestimable bottles of champagne to quench the thirst of revelers.
The Billionaire Club, which stages a four-day fiesta in Monaco, aims to emulate a billionaire way of life, but that does not imply you have to have billions in the bank to get in.
“If he’s a billionaire but he’s a billionaire that spends no cash — we are not interested!” Briatore quipped.
“The name was a sort of provocative name so every person can bear in mind. You don’t want to be a billionaire.
“It is not a rip-off, it’s the very same price as everything else in Monaco, nothing at all dramatic.”
The club might not be for billionaires per se but it does have a minimum spending policy. The price tag starts from $4,000 for a normal table.
The majority of tables at the Monaco occasion are reserved for Billionaire Club members and returning guests with ten% held back for what Briatore describes as “last-minute friends.”

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