Prime 10 Appealing Hair Colour For Guys – Guys Hair Trends 2018

Guys Hair color ideas are becoming quite common amongst trendsetter. Take a look at these colors, which will make you attractive and stylish in 2018.

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From: The Great British Barber Bash

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  1. i love all fucking jams from ALL fandoms OKAYY!!

    for me its mainly black cause it looks full and misteriouse and hot and sexy and ahhhhhh FUCKKK !!! ….egnore that but then dark red and i like white yup them colours and real cool or black faded into some dark colour or white yea and for a haircut i like 2 block haircuts and …..yea 2 block hair cuts this is just what i like on guys and girls but i mainly like girls ….

  2. Joseph Christ

    Bitch just go with kinda long brown hair with natural bleached ends. tbh you really can’t make gray hair look good

  3. Candy Smith

    Okay the grey color is not gonna look fresh and cool on anyone over 22 yrs old. hehe Blonde highlights on a man with light brown hair is the hottest!

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