Basic LIVING. One particular Man’s Point of view on Life and Dream Fulfillment.

When I was a boy, all I wanted was to live in a cabin in the woods when I grew up. Everyone told me I couldn’t, would not, should not, and squashed my dreams with discouragement. I proved them wrong by following my own path. I built my initial off grid cabin when I was 18 and have been conquering dreams ever because. Here I share my insights from over 30 years of self reliance.
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  1. Faith Lioness

    I love it!!!
    I feel the same way….
    And I want a simple life as well.

  2. Benjamin Cowan

    Self help and seminars will never be able to touch the wisdom of experienced men and women like you. Im 19, and this video just changed my life. Thank you.

  3. Your should most definitely gone back to that frigging teacher and give her one of your art pieces and tell her how successful you were.  Then give her the finger and tell her to kiss your Royal American ass!!  :o)

  4. edward amsden

    I watch this video quite often. On days I feel down, it just reminds me of my goals.
    Wise words, I am nearly there, just working to make sure I have the assets we need.
    Hope your keeping ok and have settled in well.

  5. Kansas Country

    I can’t stop coming back to this video, it is so motivating! I took the usual path, graduated high school then went to college. I actually did get a job doing what I went to school for, but after 8 years it is getting old doing the same thing every day. I do still enjoy my job for the most part but it would be more enjoyable if I wasn’t working for the man, making someone else rich. I will say, the job pays good and it has allowed me (and the bank) to buy almost 80 acres. My plan is to build my own home on it and get it paid off as quick as possible, then see where life takes me. Hopefully I can figure out a way to make enough income from the land to live off of!

  6. Don’t forget that at the end of following the American or, in my case, the Canadian dream, there’s retirement to look forward to — farmed out to a retirement "home". If you live long enough that is.

  7. Try living a free live over here in Europe. You are not even allowed to build a cabin to live in on your own on the ground you purchased. If you even can afford to purchase a tiny little piece of land in our overcrowded countries in the first place. And if you don’t pay outrageous taxes for every fucking little thing they will take your possessions away and lock you up.

  8. Joshua Feldman

    i think thats a bout the best way i have ever heard it put. so simple so down to earth straight up common sense. wish i heard that ten years ago.

  9. LOVE your Chanel! You’re such a great source of inspiration. I feel so much peace and comfort when you talk about living a simple life. Its what ive always wanted to do but lack direction. Right now I am working on living a simple minimalistic life and working on creating more memories instead of accumulating things. Little by little I am changing the quality of my life. thank God for people like you we can run to for inspiration. God bless.

  10. Grandpa Can Cook

    This is the first video I watched on your channel. I’m pretty sure it was probably the best one to see first. Kind of gave a good overview of your thinking, and a good idea of what I’ll be seeing in the other videos.
    I like the idea of making how you live you life the same way you would make a pizza. Glad that you posted, and want to watch more.

  11. Liziwe Mabona

    This is really true am from south Africa and am staying in SA am proud to see this video I did learn alot. Am just working to pay my debt and bond. Bring more videos. Uyindoda meaning u are a man.

  12. Sheila Grace

    I just shared this video with my brother who’s struggling with (I call it) the Monster and is looking for a way out. We found your channel while searching for ways to recondition our cast iron pans. We found a whole lot more than that! When I was eight I had the same dreams – the simple life. It got lost when I got lost trying to ‘do it right’ and color in the lines (sometimes). Now I’m free thanks to the Universe helping me (by way of a bankruptcy in 2012) and I’ve come full circle back to living my dream. Baby steps, no debt, no credit, work with honor, make a living, not earn a living, simplify.

    Thank you,
    Sheila, Will & Dawn

  13. Hi JC and Frankie!!  Hope you are doing great.  I did the same thing that you have done with your cabin life.  I had been working a great job working Civil Service as a Purchasing Agent for the Air Force.  After about 10 years I resigned and began playing music.  It was a great time.  I just couldn’t make enough money to support the family.  I played for about 10 years.  I eventually went back to work for the Air Force.  I still had a great time playing music.

  14. wow!! wonderful video. as a woman it made me want to get my dream done now…been downsizing since retired for that camper I have always dreamed of…tiny living at it’s best or a tiny log cabin. going to go load up the car with more stuff right now for the Goodwill🚗😎…. simple has always been better for me..a Thoreau cabin perhaps? what about a nice man to go along with me to that cabin in the woods!! Wishful thinking😇

  15. You’re a bad influence indeed! Because you didn’t follow the mold. I’m going to play this for my kids at the right time. Very good stuff!

  16. Hi JC!!  Hope you and Frankie are having a great day!!  Jackie and I went through this exact situation you’ve been discussing.  We made money, spent money and never had enough.  We were so incredibly frustrated and did not enjoy life.  We finally moved down here to Florida and basically started over.  We did buy a house but within our budget.  We stopped spending money just for the sake of spending it.  We are now happier than we’ve ever been and more than enough money.  Amazing how this works when we thought it out.  Amazing JC!!!!!!

  17. Stanley Chew

    All my life I am brought up by my parents in a very bad Chinese culture. We only learned to make money, be greedy and dont care about others. In fact my parents told me no matter what you do as long as you make billions than you are successful and great. And if you dont make enough money, than you are considered useless. I live by their principle and I help them invest in properties and they make millions out of it. Even after this, they still considered I am useless and I need to get a corporate job and be a a CEO or Director. Than I got a corporate job but I am only a managerial level. Therefore I am still label as useless and not being smart enough or rich. So I decided not to contact them anymore until I am label successful in their eyes. Anyway the reason I am writing this is that, no matter how you live your life the most important is your health and happiness. Try to make it as simple and comfortable as you can. And as long as you are happy with it than you are consider successful. And it does not matter who ever can rate you because they are not you. Thanks for the video buddy. I learned a lot from it too.

  18. Bless your beautiful soul. I think this every single day but in all my life, I have never known anyone who got off the rail from kindergarten to retirement. No examples.

  19. Gerry Smith

    I so agree with everything you said. We all attend or attended schools of indoctrination that have set the agenda for our paths. You are most fortutunate and wise to have followed your heart. I seem to have people who try and tell me what I should do and they just don’t have a clue that I am my own person and I decide. I tried to please others when I was younger and now I have finally stood up for myself. I would love to live amongst nature and care for Mother Earth and I am working on making that dream come true. There is a woman in Ireland who I admire also as she also followed her heart. Her website is
    You might enjoy learning of her journey. Thank you for your reflections of your journey.

  20. David Walker

    My father told me i was a loser at age 10 and for a long time i believed him. I struggled in school and life in general. Years late i quit my job and moved to a small town and started a buisness. Im happy now but old. Dont believe what they tell you and go your own way kids.

  21. Life was so hard for my grandparents and parents, it turned me right off. I was always lazy, but I began to realize it wasn’t laziness, it was lack of blind ambition. I don’t want to "measure up", I just want to live the simplest, minimal life possible. I aspire to do what you’re doing Boss.

  22. J McCracken

    JC I do believe this video has touched a lot of hearts I so agree with you.
    I admit I did not follow my heart either and I sure wish I had. Life is what ya make it.
    You can be happy with what you have or work your arse off to get it debt piles up and you just barely get by. I am retired and have been so for 8 years now. Debt free makes me happy but only to a point. I ask God every time I pray to show me my mistakes. And he has I was saved in 1959 and that does make a difference for sure.

  23. Toni Everitt

    everything u have said is true the goverment just want to screw u and keep tabs on u. u have the right ideal screw them all and i say jog on and do as u wish

  24. well said , all true , every word . I c people who r in that race , nothing is ever enough .Theres always one more thing to buy , maybe then i,ll be happy .It never works life is a marathon a slow and steady pace, but with purpose . life a gift , thats why they call it the present,.!!! Great video . i am debt free also, LIFE IS GOOD.

  25. James R Dugger

    I worked my whole life to make ends meet ..wore myself out and for what? so was never really happy but Today, while not in deb… I no longer work as I’m retired free to do as I want… no linger working for the man stressed out and driving to work everyday, no longer putting in 12 to 16 hrs s DAy or more 7 days a week…now I can build, work with my garden and watch it grow, watch the sunset and/or rise… no stress no pressure to do things … yet we still help raise grandkids .., If I could do it all over Id not work all the hours I did nor run in that rat race we call life no longer strive for a bug bank account and all the modern conveniences… I can’t do it over but so can make it easier on me the wife and our grandkids by living more frugally and with the land

  26. Unfortunately, we live in a world that takes money to live most of our dreams. Just make enough money to make those dreams come true. Most of us find out late in life, we have followed the path of the world and not what God had planned for us. Young people do everything that brings a certain amount of excitement into their lives they don’t really need. When you get to be older, we realize leaving everything the world offers is the best direction. Quiet moonlit nights around a campfire and watching the waves splash on the beach is wonderful. Living a life without somebody else deciding your direction is the best path. Have a great day!

  27. Jonnie Williams

    This made me cry like a baby. You, my friend, are the wisest man I have ever listened to. I will watch this many times.

  28. eleanorkerby

    yep boss, because when they throw some dirt over your coffin, you don’t get a do-over and so do your own thing… so be it

    can’t tell you how many are telling me I am too old to go off grid, well time will tell but we are doing it. have the hubs buy in. moving into small, only 24 by 16 so a lot less to clean ha ha

    writing this before this is even over because it has my brain spinning

    next Spring is our plan to finish the cabin and move

  29. Joanna Bushman

    This is the way it is for so many. who are blinded by the system what glorify money and business. Ride the same train like you have said, like one size fit all T-shirt. I was one of them … got into the hole. Now it’s too late to live my life the way I want after seeing the nonsense of life style of modern society. Simple life in extra ordinary way. you are living is the way to go. For sure it serve the good health of environment , preserve the nature what sustain all forms of life. Much love.

  30. When he talked about the train people and society expect you to be on man that is so true. The powers that be need need to feed the machine and could care less if you burn out in the process.
    "How do you like me now .." excellent; )

  31. Kevin Howie

    High buddy from Australia. I love your YouTube posts, please keep them up. I like to watch them to relax and to give me a goal for the future. Peace, simplicity and contentment, what a life goal … Yassar!

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