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This mens style guide will teach you every little thing you want to know about men’s style.
This guide is meant to take total novices in male fashion and make them competent enough in mens style to have effortless style every single time they leave the residence.

In this video I take the Pareto’s 80/20 principle and apply it to men’s style. I’m wholly focussed on giving you the 20% essential details you need to have to know that will offer you with 80% of every little thing you will ever need to have to know about men’s Style.

Mens style 2015 doesn’t need to be difficult. If you comply with the time tested six guidelines of mens style you will have effortless style every time you leave the home. Also the very same guidelines apply regardless of whether you are considering mens winter style or mens summer season style. Some far more excellent new is you don’t necessarily have to acquire mens designer clothing to have genuine style.

This is my very first men’s fashion video and try at getting a men’s style vlogger so leave me some feedback in the comments section. Let me know what you believe.

From: Paul Nagaoka

tags Image from web page 199 of “The faerie queene : disposed into twelue books, fashioning XII morall vertues” (1590)


  1. Nice video bro! I have a style channel too! but I think mines is more on trending style. Can’t wait to see more from you!

  2. eviljoker303

    Wow!great videos!you have a new subscriber!In this past year I’ve gone from cargo shorts and trendy stuff to a more timeless stylish wardrobe.Im subscribed to other men’s style channels and just happened to see a link to your channel I’m glad I clicked on it.I never knew there was a good way to make white denim work without looking tacky as hell but you nailed my friend!I hope you make more videos soon on accessories like belts ,watches,sunglasses .thanks again!

  3. I am new to YouTube! I like your videos! I liked and subscribed to you.
    Would you mind checking out my first youtube video and giving me your
    thoughts and opinions on it?

  4. When this video started I thought you were pretty cocky. But having watched it all I agree with all of your points. I’ll sub and see where this goes.

  5. Michaelangelo Renteria

    Hey, from a guy that need help with style, this helped a lot! I will be sharing your channel! keep it up Paul!!

  6. Donald Watson

    You’re cool: very informative. I’ve always considered myself stylish, and I totally
    agree with everything you said.

  7. It’d be cool if you did a video explaining the basic colors for men. There’s no men’s style channel that has done a good job explaining it and I think it would be useful to show to other people as to why some other colors don’t fit in a fundamental wardrobe.

  8. I really really like your statement about the difference between fashion trends and style,and the first rule also makes a strong impact on a young clueless newbie like me,to know what to look out for when i begin shopping haha.One of the best men’s fashion guides out there I’ve ever seen thanks a lot!

  9. Ricardo eWalker

    Great advice, concise, objetive, well illustrated and funny!! Loved the video serie and I am looking forward for more. Posted, subscribed and checked the site, instagram and facebook too! 🙂

  10. Jackman LeBlanc

    I hate baby blue (it looks terrible on me and I just hate the color in general) so I think I’ll just switch that out with burgundy just because it’s my favorite color and I look damn good in it. This is all really great advice though.

  11. bonbon112400

    My gorgeous husband is an OTR truck driver so there is hardly home and is a blue jean, steel toe boot, T-shirt kinda guy but wow you know exactly what dressing up and dressing down should look like… Really NICE!

  12. iammovingtokorea

    Living in Korea. It’s impossible to find clothes my size. I will order online, but sometimes the fit isn’t right.

  13. Francesco Emanuele Russo

    I might be wrong,but i do think that’s your best video so far. See the difference in how you carry yourself in this video in contrast with the capsule wardrobe series, you went from cool and confident to jokey, I mean,you do want to keep things light,just avoid becoming obnoxious. I’d suggest you to watch mike chang from six pack abs shortcut to get an idea on how to strike that balance,best of luck !

  14. Naufal Shilham

    Nice video dude, but can you upload more video about simple style, it’s more like casual but simple. if you can do it, i’ll be a really great thanks for you.

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