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7 Popular Men’s Style Trends for 2018

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  1. ǝʇsıɹʇ ǝɯoʇuɐɟ ǝן

    Lmao those things has been popular in europe for more than year, especially crossbody bags and why are those 2018 trends?

  2. A friendly Spazmoid

    Fanny packs were popular during the summer of ‘17 now they aren’t that popular anymore definitely not 2018 trend

  3. David Gutierrez

    I know this aint relevant for most people but if anyone lookin for some decent denim go to Y&R (Young and Reckless) they have all mens denim gor 25$ or 30$ (basically 50%) u should go before it goes off sale.

  4. Brandon Amezcua

    Everyone should dress Techware and let all this trends behind, be ahead of the decade, only if you have the balls to pull it up. Just sayin

  5. Hey Jose you should do a video about seasons because I don’t know when to stop wearing plaid cause I live in Texas and it’s like 50 degrees still.

  6. Fizzy Gillespie

    What do you think about that new brand at Target called “Goodfellow” that rips off other fast fashion brands only a few months later?

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