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Video Summary:
1:05 – Assuming The Jewelry Is Feminine
2:06 – Not Wearing It With Self-confidence
3:32 – Not Paying Consideration To The Circumstance
4:05 – Over Accessorizing
four:44 – Not Wearing The Right Piece Of Jewelry For You
5:44 – Failing To Keep Your Jewelry
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  1. Epor Cheetahka

    the silver lion stack is really gorgeous. one thing I don’t like about jewelry are the huge oversized watches I understand you want to wear jewelry that’s bigger which seems to associate with masculinity but my gosh some of of these watches or just humongous and I don’t understand why people wear them. I also seen the struggle with wearing rings and watches as well. I tend to bash them unintentionally against doorknobs and the Rings never seem to get comfortable regardless how much I wear them always feel it between my two fingers and end up fiddling with it. also it’s hard to find jewelry that isn’t Gotti or very sparkly I like natural materials and tums like woods and stones and cord but when I do get battles I usually pick silver colored types as it seems to work better with me then gold

  2. Chain Breaker Motorsports

    I just hope none of my friends are watching this, even though I want you to have alot of subscribers and viewer’s

  3. Unless you have a status to uphold forthemostpart in day to day society, glittery or flashy jewelry looks feminine. Certain occasions such as business, weddings, etc., sure. I think that’s what most men think of when they think of feminism and jewelry. Strange geometric shapes such as beeds tend to draw that feminine quality as well.

  4. Santosh Yadav

    Hi Antonio

    I Am your new fan here and i like what you saying about style and all.

    I know about ear piercing so please make a video too on it

  5. Saadsalik 60

    bracelets are a great way to level up your style and make u look more confident i what u are wearing . from zoratta i specially like their lion and royal collection!

  6. Actually.. i love to just mess some different type of bracelets together, different color, material etc. The contrasts can make it look great, and even so with rings if you match and pull it off right, and then just don’t give a f**k on what other ppl think and go with your style 🙂

  7. I agree with your view on not wearing the right piece of jewellery. Although if it makes you feel good about yourself when you wear it, then nothing else matters. Having your own opinion and style makes you who you are, it doesn’t matter what others think but if you do feel that it matters then you can always design your own piece and employ the services of people like myself to make your design and dream into reality.

  8. Massimo Di Giampaolo

    A bad mistake is thinking that you can’t wear jewelry.
    A friend of mine was actually convinced that wristwatches don’t look good on him which is ridicoulus of course but there are men out there missing out on the chance to improve their style through jewelry.

  9. Joseangel Castillo

    I like the lion the Gold Lion Stacks that’s the bracelet I like I really really want it and in your video you said you were going to love to give it give us bracelet boy bracelets

  10. Other than my wedding ring, I wear zero jewelry. I am really muscular, so there’s no need for accents like tattoos or jewelry. Why mess with perfection?

  11. BinaryXioms

    Mismatching leather bands with other leather on an outfit (e.g. brown watch band, black shoes, belt, etc.)
    Same with mismatching metals.

  12. Jacco Bleyen

    @Real Man Real Style : what is your opinion on wearing metal chains as a juwelry assecoires. I wear a 5mm full silver chain around my neck which is very short, its not a long chain as can be seen in hip hop culture but it is very similar. I also have a bracelet in the same style so it functions as a pair. what is your opinion on wearing this combination and what is your opinion on how it is preceived by others? Thank you in advance and kind regards!!

  13. Your jewellery taste and fashion is more dapper and for very less urban men, I have Cuban links and a diamond Rolex and diamond rings and all depends on what event or where u r. if I hit up clubs I’m wearing diamonds or a birthday party, but for a meeting or just an everyday outing I wear a nice Cuban link gold chain and bracelet and a gold Rolex with no diamonds and a ring.

  14. Janisarahmed

    Antonio makes recommendations based off of the products quality and that’s what makes his channel unique and definitely different from others who might do it to please a sponsor. Thumbs Up Antonio!

  15. If you wear gold, real gold and if you wear real diamonds, you can take a shower or swim. If you wear cheap things like silver, wood, rubber, it will fall apart. So, if you are cold buy and wear white gold, and if you are warm tanned yellow or rose.

  16. Alexander G

    Anybody ever watch FOOD Network and have seen the most ghastly thing, where the TV chef will be wearing 1 or 2 silver rings, and he or she will put their hand with the ring in some floured dough or meat marinade? No lie, I have seen this! I’m going, my gosh, what if that ring gets lost in the pumpernickel or something? What the hell do you think you’re doing you chefs!!?

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