five Watch Styles Every single Man Ought to Know | Men’s Guide To Dress, Dive, Aviator, Field & Racing Watches – Click Here to Download This Free of charge 65-Web page eBook Ultimate Guide To Men’s Watches – Click Right here To Read The Report five Watch Types Each Man Must Know

Video Summary:
1:07 – Dress Watch
2:18 – Field Watch
three:29 – Aviator Watch
four:37 – Dive Watch
six:30 – Racing Watch

From: True Males Real Style

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  1. Karl Davila

    Antonio, I just read your free ebook and I just wanted to say great job. Quality content. You were right, it will be the only reference I will ever need. Love your videos!

  2. This is dumb. Unless you plan hanging out with people and talk about watches, just know these 3: dress, casual, and workout. E Z

  3. DropBustaInDaHelicopter Bro

    My favorite type is always the classical perpetual calendar. The calendar also looks very good in combination with an chronograph.

  4. Estiaan Geyer

    I would really like to get that E-book but the links just toss me around from one site to the next while never giving me the option to download the book? Would really like to see the work you put into it but so far I cannot.

  5. Hey Antonio I really enjoy your videos. I could really do with one of those watches. I’m a guy who left style behind after having children. I just didn’t have the time or money. Your style rules though gave me pause for thought about spending a bit more on quality. What was it again Style = F+F+F

  6. Alonsitis Duff

    4:20 I got that exact citizen! I’ve always wondered what was that wheel for, now at least I know how it’s called

  7. Philippe Ghobrial

    hey antonio
    I cant download your free pdf. I signed in, but whenever i try to download it, it does not work.
    maybe you could send it to me?
    cheers man

  8. For watches I disagree to buy expensive and very high quality every time. I believe when somone and you see it on your arm the design of the watch is main thing in first sight. So you can have a fovorite watch but ı would prefer to change it time to time with good looking avarage price alternatives like these or or finally my favorites =>

  9. The Sideshow

    You really can’t expect to be taken seriously when the first watch you show off is a piece of utter garbage Daniel Wellington. Then an Espirit…really? Next you’re going to tell me that a "Gap watch has the best chronograph in the biz babe!" I can’t…bye

  10. The “Whiz Wheel” is known as an E6B and is a simple yet effective “computer” which helps pilots preform calculations for many flight conditions quickly.

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