5 Men’s Hairstyles for Winter – Brief, Medium & Long

Hey, Guys! Thanks for coming back once again for one more visit!
So here in Australia winter just went away, which I’m so happy about but for you guys, more than in the USA and Europe, Winter is coming…(lol exactly where have you heard that ahead of?)

With that in thoughts, it is most likely about time you began pondering about what winter hairstyle you want for the season and I thought I’d bring some cool hairstyle tips to the table for you to have a look at.

The hairstyles in this video are primarily based on a mixture of my private likes and what I’ve been seeing a lot of on Pinterest. For these who are reading this and do not know, Pinterest is my favourite place to go for concepts and to see what will be trending in the near future. I pretty considerably just refer to it as my crystal ball.

I locate it’s truly very good for predicting style trends and gaining awesome hairstyle ideas for males. If you aren’t a user but want to keep up to date, I’d strongly recommend it.

Anyway back to my list of Men’s Hairstyles for Winter.

Number #1 was the Lengthy Crew Reduce:
Sort of like an army reduce, but fluffier. I truly feel this hairdo is cute and it is wonderful for guys that want a tidy look, with very small maintenance.

Number #2 was the Side Part:
I actually adore this hairstyle so significantly. There’s one thing really vintage or “old time” searching about it which I personally actually like. I’m a tiny jealous of males that can wear this hairstyle perfectly, RObin James is a classic instance! He just appears so damn great with it!

Quantity #three was the Sweep Back:
The Sweep Back has a truly cool indie feel to it. I have not seen this style about the web considerably but I can tell you now it is been a savior to me since I started expanding my hair out. Though I have not observed too a lot of this appear, I believe it looks incredible and is certainly suitable for Winter contemplating the length.

Number #four was the Man Fringe:
OMG, I truly wish I was bald and could just wear wigs all the time. This hairstyle provides true swish swish futuristic vibes. It’s like an evolved disconnected undercut that flopped forward and blended itself in the back. I’ve been seeing this a fair bit on Pinterest and my style compass is telling me that we’ll be seeing a lot a lot more of the Man Fringe moving into this coming year.

Quantity #5 was the renowned Full Man Bun:
This one particular definitely requires the cake. Man Buns with undercuts is so 2 years ago now. The Full Man Bun is coming in like a hurricane and in my prediction, will be the hairstyle of 2018. The purpose I consider that is simply because hair growth seems to be a Huge subject at the moment on the internet. My month-to-month hair development check-in videos are going off the chain at the moment far from something I had anticipated. This proof clearly shows that a big some of my viewers are growing their hair out, but increasing it for what I wonder?

Effectively, my guess is that everybody is preparing their full man buns!

I’m excited to see how this goes, I still have a lot of check-ins to go but I am really satisfied with my progress so far!

Thanks for coming to watch this video, it indicates a lot and I hope you take pleasure in my five hairstyles suggestions for Winter!

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  1. John Pastorelli

    I’m growing my hair out to have it fall down on my shoulders. I’m probably going to do a man bun when I run instead of casually.

  2. Just having long hair is a good enough reason to grow your hair out. I’ve been growing mine from an undercut for about 1y 2 months and it is just so fucking awesome having your hair down and just going *swish* all the time 😄
    ( + Having long hair is warm af)

  3. KingdomRohan

    Very nice Thomas love it!! , But can you do a hair tutorial how you would style your natural hair not straightent , Im on month 3 know it 😅

  4. My Soul Your Beats

    I’m growing my hair too at the same time as you did but your hair just grows so fast than mine.Looking forward to see you in that full manbun!

  5. 47 Enterprisesㄣ⃒

    growing my hair out like you Thomas, but I’m gonna be rocking box braids. the man bun is a style I will be doing quite often though.

  6. Jogging Cucumbers

    Growing my hair out but I feel like my face isn’t gonna be masculine enough to not look like a girl, I also can’t grow good facial hair what do I do

  7. i love the fringe hairstyle i had that like 3 years ago and now of course its coming back as soon as i decided to grow my hair out

  8. _NightcoreMashups2 _

    i actually am trying to grow the v shape you had because i just love it but the awkward stage is really getting on me but im really trying not to cut it

  9. Hey Thomas i’ve been watchig your channel for a few months and i apsolutely love you. I wanted to ask you if you ciuld do a video about growing your hair one inch overnight i wanted to see if it really works and since you are growing it out it could help you basically watch some videos about it congrats on all your work and i hope you grow really big one day

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