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Subject of discussion: Which 1 of these men’s hairstyles is your favored?

Which men’s hairstyles are the most sexy and appealing? This is my take on this question, providing you the 5 hairstyles that girls love on guys. I’ve noticed how much these hairstyles can adjust how a guy looks, and give him the self-confidence increase he demands to get the girl he wants! Watch this video on the best men’s hairstyles and let me know which one is your favorite!

Ideal Men’s Hairstyles | five Hairstyles Girls Believe Are Attractive:
1- The Undercut
two- The Quiff
three- The Buzz Reduce
four and five… watch the video maaannnn! 🙂

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From: Alex Costa

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  1. vivek singh

    I am having hair fall problem any time when I comb my hair or just a slight setting up by hand my hair comes out by like cutting tree with its root plllssss help me

  2. Aris Papandreou

    Alex please help, I have a widows peak and babyhair on the very front of head and my hairline is messed up. Please tell me what to do. I really like the undercut but because of the hairline it looks bad on me

  3. Caleb Caldwell

    Girls hate the buzz cut and the slick back. Anything that is shiny, greasy, low-maintenance, crunchy, or unstylish is very unattractive.

  4. Anton Paris

    I decided to grow out my hair because if I get any under cut or fade, my ears stick out like a motherfucker and I look silly. Very insecure about that. The long hair made my ears look more proportionate to my head, and my girlfriend loves my long hair

  5. Shockwave 3444

    I️ love how I️ come on this expecting it to be totallly different than what I️ have right now, but after the first one, I️ was like: I️ have an undercut/ and then he said: slick back. And I️ was like; I️ slick it back!!!!

  6. Riccardo Dinoi

    Hey Alex, awesome video as usual. I was wondering, do you live in London? If yes, what barber shop do you recommend?

  7. AFB channel

    Since you’ve been in the military why don’t you make a video about military hairstyles that girls love because I’ll be joining the military soon and it’s been years since I had a short haircut so I’d like to see which short haircuts look good

  8. Boston Hale

    Hi Alex, My Name Is Boston And Whenever I Do My Hair It Always Falls Down After About 30 Minutes. I Have The Same Haircut As You And Was Wondering If You Recommended Any Hair Product That Has High Hold And Stays Up For Along Time. Thanks.

  9. Amanda Lejestrand

    I love long, sort of messy hair on guys, preferably around the shoulders. Might be because I love the rock and metal look that you see a lot on people in that type of bands

  10. Infrequent Namechange

    Got my cut there at Daniel Alfonso by Daniel himself. Cost me a pretty penny but I got drunk for free at least. How much do his other hairstylists charge?

  11. Fong Kai Yee

    Handsome man can you pls make a better undercut video that’s clearer how to comb it ? Coz I couldn’t see it properly. I want to learn how to comb it。

  12. A Google User

    what do women think about a man with long hair? i look like a girl whenever i let my hair loose. i’v had women complement me but they were older women(old enough to be my mom). i’m curious on what younger women have to say. i’m latino of indian decent. a woman cant date a man with better hair then her’s?

  13. From a girls perspective, I find most of these hair styles to look too similar to the point where they are boring. Bald guys are sexy tho and also guys with long hair. Dreads look good on most people, just make sure that they are clean, by that I mean not messy with single strands of hair just poking out everywhere. Also guys that color their hair a very strong color. No matter what color you choose, don’t (unless you really want to) go for light pastel colors, go for dark purple, blue, red etc. If you are going to go for light colors go for silver, white and the like.

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