five Grooming Tips HANDSOME Guys Never Miss

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  1. carlos merlos

    This messages for you and your brother Jose Do you have an amazing channel I look forward everyday and I see a super bright future ahead of you I like you send the 1st video that I saw Go strong man

  2. Never do these teeth trays. They gonna mess up your gums. Only go for a professional whitening, though I wouldn’t even recommend this since it’s very bad for your enamel


    We can do all this and bitches don’t even notice. They notice the ugly ass fat dudes with money. So dudes look good for you not a bitch. Bitches don’t care about loons anymore. As long as you have money u can have any bitch u want.

  4. Brandon Crouch

    0:52 If you’re a guy with a short to medium hairstyle, and you get a haircut every 2 weeks or so you are wasting your money. Costs ~$40 for a haircut kit with guards and a trimmer. Every guy should know how to cut their own hair, especially if its short. 2 trips to the barber at $20 a cut = haircut kit that will last for years. And it’s super easy to cut your own hair. Haven’t been to a barber in 6 years and my hair is fresh all the time.

  5. All this guy does, in every video showing and selling brands!!! He gets paid for it, he’s not even saying the truth!! Also that time he was “saying” how to look good in every situation was sponsoring a brand! Disgusting!

  6. Thank u very much but most of the whitening product art safe, u can use a mix of Coconut oil and Tumeric, the yellow stain won’t stick to the teeth but try to apply any oil on lips just in case

  7. What happened to your other teeth whitening sponsor? Now you’re sponsoring this kit?! I cannot really trust your sponsor recommendations

  8. Gitanjali Swain

    Hey plz help …….. did women like body hairs in men or they get away from those having more body hairs than other boys having less or almost no body hairs ???……..n give some solutions to this friends

  9. A haircut "at least every two weeks"??? You gotta be kidding me. That seems a little excessive and try hard. Thats going to be in my opinion a waste of money. First off it all depends on what style of haircut you want, and your face shape. There are plenty of hairstyles that look good long, or medium length, you dont need to rock a fade like this guys inferring…if you do want a fade thats fine but you dont need to go every to weeks like this guys saying thats crazy. Another thing is your face shape you might look better with longer hair. And another funny thing is this guy literally said in another video that "woman like guys with longer hair and most guys look better with longer hair" so i dont know why he’s contradicting himself…smfh

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