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29 Worst Male Haircuts Ever

We gathered some of the WORST male haircuts ever, what on earth have been these individuals pondering!?

ten – I did it myself…
Either this guy has absolutely no notion when it comes to hairdo’s… or he is the father of quite small girls, who really like carrying out up their dad’s hair. If this is the case – then this guy tops our greatest dad list!

9 – Your hair is your canvas…
And this painting is saying a thousand things… the principal factor getting that the owner has quite poor taste when it comes to art operate and hairstyles!

8 – Hairdressing is a craft
And this barber has managed to effectively make this hairstyle resemble a cheese puff, or a hot dog with a bright yellow sausage…all that is missing is the ketchup.

7- Tress obsessed…
This man’s tresses sadly quite strongly resemble a bar code. Each single hair is in the exact right location, and thanks to the copious amount of gel- they’re not budging an inch!

6 – Enterprise in the front, celebration on the sides!
Many believe that mullets originated in the USA in the 1980’s, but really it’s been around for thousands of years with many pointing to the sphynx as being the very first ever to sport a mullet, and also popular amongst the Aztecs and Vikings.

five – When I wake up in the morning…
My hair is just ideal! The top component looks like a helicopter landing spot, and it’s nonetheless forgiven – but the tiny tail at the back is just taking it a single step also far!

4 – I mustache you a question…
Do you like my mustache? Why yes, I do – except that you do recognize that it’s increasing out of the wrong spot? What on earth was this guy considering?

3 – You are only as great as your last haircut!
And this person has pushed his barber to the extreme and back with this best box reduce, and added patterns on the side of this face and chin.

2 – The jailbird…
So this is what life behind bars looks like – glad it was effortless to recreate with this funky hairstyle. In all seriousness, how does he see effectively? Certainly this is also a driving hazard – having these immovable strands of hair in front of your vision?

1 – Quick man syndrome…
This guy has it so badly, that he has raised his height significantly with this insane haircut. It looks so stiff, that he could practically hoist you up to attain anything from that best shelf!

From: Think That



  1. HA! Funny video Believe That… It’s really hard to imagine what these people were thinking. Just for fun or are they actually serious?

  2. cløut4LIFE

    is the undercut on here if it’s no I’m disliking. and if you’re a fuck boy you’ll reply this with something like:fuck you

  3. FoXy VlogsAndDiys

    Today I went to get my hair cut and my brother as well. My god it was the worst my brother got a bowl cut and it was not what we asked for at all and I felt bad for him. I asked for side bangs and I just got a trim. . .

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