14 Greatest Men’s Grooming Errors & How To Repair Them

In this video, I wanted to highlight these 14 biggest men’s grooming mistakes aka the leading grooming dont’s that I see guys creating all the time. These are the errors that churn stomachs and make men and women run away from you. Trust me, undertaking the analysis for these pictures was an workout in trying to preserve my lunch down. I really, truly hope that you aren’t making these grooming mistakes!

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I hope you liked this video, I typically do longer series’ about men’s style, men’s etiquette, men’s grooming, men’s dating and other men’s way of life subjects, like some occasional vlogging. But I thought this would be enjoyable to do one-of type videos from time to time with unique guests. Undoubtedly check out my other videos if you liked this a single!

From: Ashley Weston

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  1. Matthew Thomas

    Shows a picture of a man with a great beard and then goes on about grooming facial hair. This channel should be named feminist central , Ashley has some issues with 85% of the population

  2. Jeremy Leviathan

    Poor Ashley has to teach the great unwashed general hygiene. Wash and trim your hair, and clean your nails…hey! don’t forget to brush your teeth you pig!

  3. I love how woman claim to know how to style men , part of the reason there are so many unmarried women, Charlie Browns teacher.

  4. Matthias Fritz

    If your body hair doesn’t look like a jungle (or even if it does), you don’t have to/ shouldn’t shave imo. It doesn’t look very masculine if you shave it, especially if you are not trained.. Trimming is "ok". But that’s from man to man.. Women’s opinion may differ.

  5. Bobby Bobson

    shaving the back of the neck without messing up the hairline is much easier said then done. i use a straight razor and 2 mirrors.

  6. Liam Andersson

    I can only Imagine being togheter with this chick i would kill myself after the first Day of all the complaining

  7. Hi Ashley, Hi Everyone, I thanks for the very informative video, I always try to keep a well groome the eyebrows the nose in the neck,my goatee, one thing I’ve had for 10 years now is bags under the eyes, what’s I think I got when I used to drink real heavily been sober 10 years now, I’m 57 and what do you recommend what products are lotion I can apply to tell him down the puffiness under my eyes, ok thanks for comments.. also can you recommend the most desirable cologne for men? Currently I’m using the Ralph Lauren red, Drakkar, and preferred stock, I have gotten several compliments from my female co-workers, am almost out of cologne, I don’t use Drakkar Cologne anymore work because it was driving my co-workers crazy,,lol

  8. Fabrício Kury

    Your video is mostly ok, but I wonder what happens if a male youtuber made a video telling women what to do. Specially with their bodies. Specially calling their mistakes "gross." Specially using the term "self-respecting woman." Does anyone know of any such youtuber that I could check? Seriously.

  9. Rick Halverson

    Sooo… it doesn’t matter to some dorks that women regard them as dorks? Then, by all means, just keep doing what you’re doing!

  10. somebody13324

    90% of these tips are common sense, brish your teeth take a shower every other day just generally take care of yourself. If you need a youtuber to tell you this then you’re a lost case

  11. Ron Barbour

    Good stuff. All common sense hygiene tips to me, but I guess its worth pointing out. The two weeks in between haircuts is a bit too frequent for me though. it doesn’t grow that fast.

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