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12 Things Guys Wear That Women Love

I see so several videos and articles of males telling other males the things guys wear that girls really like or even 10 items she thinks are attractive. Except there is a bit of an problem, at least in my eyes – the final time I checked, these guys weren’t ladies. So who said they now speak for girls? So to repair this, I polled all my female pals and came up with an actual list of 12 items males put on that women adore – by women. for more about me, what I do as a Celebrity Menswear Stylist, and other men’s way of life associated articles and videos.


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I hope you liked this video about the issues she thinks are attractive. I normally do longer series’ about men’s style, men’s etiquette, men’s grooming, men’s dating and other men’s lifestyle topics, including some occasional vlogging. But I believed it would be exciting to do 1-of variety men’s style videos from time to time. Certainly check out my other videos if you liked this one particular!

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From: Ashley Weston

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  1. Its whats on the inside that matters most……looks come and go. You cant form a stable relationship based on the clothes someone wares.

  2. GeorgiaDawg91

    It’s nothing against Ms Ashley, but it depends on why you’re wanting to attract, I’m sure any girl with a brain looks at a guy in a suit and gets a little dew on the Lilly, but there are plenty of women who don’t care to date guys who dress up like they’re having coffee at the Hampton’s. These styles are great for the guy who has to go to work in a dressier manner every day. For us who work in hard labor, and just need comfort but don’t want to look like a goober, we need a little more relaxed style with exactly that “style.”

  3. Robert Cerda

    All you need to do is be a kind gentleman, and you can wear whatever you want. If that’s not enough she is not worth it.

  4. Don’t waste your money men! Wear what ever the fk you want to wear. Don’t let a woman dictate and control you.

    If you don’t cater to women you save a lot of time, money and your life’s success. If you don’t pay them no mind, they will come to you instead. Just do you; be the best you can be and the birds will come running lol.

    You are a man! You being a man is more than enough. Its not the clothes or the money or w/e else women want you to waste money on. Remember that.

    @Ashley Weston Thanks but no thanks, Red Pill is activated and women will never get the upper hand ever again.

  5. To all you haters… what did you expect? "Wear your comfy-whatever"? This is a great video if you want to look more stylish and classy. And you don’t need to buy of all it.

  6. Doug Deraburtis

    Men really like hot naked women. A high paying job and a monkey suit is the quickest solution, if you’re already tall, handsome and packing.

  7. TheIndescribableMan

    Yeah wear this fancy shit if you want some trend following gold digger. I scared those types off with my metal tees. That’s also how I met my current gf, when we walked past each other wearing matching Malevolent Creation shirts

  8. Zino Davidoff

    When I was in the Air Force I received so much attention in my dress uniform, especially from women. Nothing looks better on a man than his uniform. Why is it not included in the video? Of course it isn’t something you can just buy and wear, but it doesn’t change the fact that women love men to wear them.

  9. dirtybaystrangler

    Where do the people who make these videos live? I wish I could wear a perfectly tailored suit, blazer, or sport jacket, but I live in Southeast Sweaty Butt-crack Texas! It is HOT and SWEATY here, even at night.

  10. Typical Woman
    We like Suits!..No like Tee Shirts…MAKE UP your mind! lol She also said a bad suit is a boner killer, GOOD I don’t want any dude looking at me and getting a boner or a women either for that matter. lol

  11. Chidinma Chibuzo Offomah

    she’s not wrong about the suit lol
    like you and you girls will be mid chat and a dude in a nice suit will walk by and the WHOLE TABLE goes quiet!

  12. WARNING: If you’re gonna go down the rabbit whole of cringy sexually frustrated nice guys that is down there, get someone to pull you out if you get too far, the cringe-levels can be in fatal doses.

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