12 Essentials For Every single College Student

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  1. Nick Petraglia

    It’s amazing looking back at Jose and seeing how much things have changed. Oh, and I think i’d go for some chukka boots over the penny’s!

  2. Dean Christensen

    I don’t usually remark about the ads before a video but the one where the lady is in a seaweed wrap and said I don’t know what’s in this seaweed wrap, I want to say to her that it’s probably seaweed but the stuff you’re hawking. I’m not sure what is in it.

  3. Damn Son! You have changed so much since this video…Those changes are so fantastic on you! How old are you by the way Jose?

  4. Chocolate Bleach

    I’ll stick my Nike and adidas hoodies, adidas backpack, black/blue jeans Nike joggers and Nike air max. Listen to his "advice" and prepared to get bullied for the rest of your years there

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