11 Men’s Style Trends for 2017

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From: Teachingmensfashion

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  1. Jake S Mario5537

    You dont need to get all the brand new stuff all the time just stuff whats resent and has labels, dont be scared of wearing something with a label from 3 years ago because it most likely wont go out of fashion

  2. I wouldn’t want to be trendy, I’d want to be fashionable.
    And I wouldn’t call those fashion.

    Expect I just realised this video came eight months ago. So no wonder those aren’t fashionable these days. ☻

  3. Daniel DeJesus

    I was only looking at this video to find some new gear that looked nice enough for me to try but this whole entire video was filled with people who looked like they let their kids dress them. You honestly can’t be serious about any of this stuff.

  4. Watching jose giving tips that includes layering clothes. And i’m from malaysia where its hot every year. So esntl all year it is i guess

  5. Teachingmensfashion

    Guys keep in mind that what you see on runways isn’t actually what is worn by the average guy (unless you want awkward stares) or what you MUST wear. Most of it is just a designers aesthetics.

    This was just a fun video to predict what I think will be trending this year. (Just like bombers, boots, and NMDs were big in 2016). Hope that cleared some things up 👍🏽

  6. Joe O Sullivan

    What’s the psychology behind fashion? I mean, who decides what’s "in"? Is it just chance? Does it come from the top designers, mixed with a trickle down effect? Do certain styles fit with hairstyles that are trending? Or does anybody actually know? I mean, if an outfit looked good last year, it should look good this year, right?

  7. I guess I’ve been on trend since forever. I’ve always enjoyed fur collars, plaids/checkered, and I’ve always worn down, puff jackets.

  8. yeah very mainstream viewpoint on fashion. caps! boring. …find a hat that suits you and don’t run with the pack. H & M….really? Their quality is crap. kmart got better quality. Zara. …passé. Video not really made for the man about town

  9. Tasteless Vanilla

    Best advice; Just dress what you want and feel good in. With trends, you are going to always be chasing the next best thing and lose all originality.

  10. Chocolate Souljah

    I just started watching this series and I’m hooked. I hit subscribe with a quickness. It would be nice when you cut to models and examples there were more people of color. I mean the host is and so great but it would be nice to see more.

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