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$one hundred Old Navy Style Challenge

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  1. Raymond Flores

    All these people saying how hot it is where they live but every freaking state gets so hot and if you don’t live in the same state as him stfu lmao 😂 no one cares how hot it is where you live watch the video and that’s it

  2. Jason Garcia

    Anybody know how much sales tax is in Florida and or Miami? I know that’s where Jose lives by but I’m saying from experience here in Chicago this 13% sales tax is a bitch sometimes

  3. Cactuscobbler


    Please someone tell me that song. I’ve heard it before and the fact that I can’t place it is driving me crazy. Is it Daft Punk?

  4. tropical7012

    I don’t really like it. Pants are too tight especially around the ankles it makes your body look disproportioned. Also the shirt is too big and the shoes are too long. The jacket was cute

  5. Old Navy, H&M, Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Sears and even Walmart has good cheap clothes if you know how to look through stuff. When you’re a thrifty spender who still wants to look good, those are my go to’s for clothes. Sneakers, I can’t wear cheap sneakers, the footwear is the only thing I do splurge on. You can definitely feel the lack of quality in less expensive shoes, not so much clothes. Also, many of the higher end brand stores have clearance racks at the end of the season with really great sales, I’ve found so many great finds. I worked at retail department stores for many years, so I know how to shop for bargains, I know when sales are coming and I know how and when to use coupons as well. Never pay full price for anything, always wait for sales, coupons and clearance. Also, always try everything on, a pair of pants or shirt might look good on the rack, but when you try them on they might look bad or fit bad.

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