ten WORST Men’s Hairstyles Of ALL TIME! Terrible Hairstyles To Keep away from

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and way of life specialist, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro goes over the 10 horrible men’s hair designs of all time! They are not in any specific order and are Alpha’s opinion. Place your vote on the worst hair style below this YouTube video.

Alpha discusses Pete & Pedro, his hair item line. The Power Pomade has remarkable hold, the Clean & Condition are rock stars, and the Putty is what Alpha utilizes (high hold, low shine). He extends a discount code for 20% off your complete order.

Terrible Men’s Hair Dos

1. Aging Rock Star
two. The Mullet
three. The Coach Cut
four. The Comb Over
5. The Parted Behind-the-Ear Tuck
six. The Blow Out
7. The Frosted Spike
eight. White Guy with Dread Locks
9. The Bieber
ten. Something lengthy and greasy

From: alpha m.



  1. Reeva Villanueva

    That ridiculous and unappealing fuck boy pineapple haircut.

    My all time worst haircut is that asian bowl cut hair. And the kim Jong un

  2. Shane Wright

    As a bald guy I feel the need to remind everyone that hair is a privilege not a right. Especially you white guys with dreads.

  3. MrInitialMan

    Eh, had the "Tucked Behind The Ears" right up until I could pull it into a ponytail. I call it the "Too Cheap For A Barber" style. Now to see if you do a "10 Worst Beards" of all time and see where mind ends up. *Grins.*

  4. Devin Petersen

    The flattop is a wonderful haircut the rest is deserve the list only real men wear parted hair or a flattop ill call this guy condisending learn to be gentlemen and don’t have ADHD spasms

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