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10 Ways Males Are Dressing Incorrect

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  1. Pasi Sallinen

    1:33 that’s like saying that using a t-shirt is dumb when it’s 35°C. You don’t need it, but it boosts your appearance. Same thing.

  2. This FH is full of SHIT, it is only your idea, it’s up to a personal preference how they wear it, It’s not wrong or right smart ass, besides I don’t like the way you said men should be dressed .

  3. Guerrilla Limited

    well man I hope u take money from that vincero thing…. the way u roll the sleeves is just so picky… too picky. Magnetic what????? my god……

  4. dickweeeeeeeeeed

    stopped wearing my submariner when i noticed it getting attention..was only a matter of time before i would be fighting in the street..stays in its box now…

  5. Joseph Turner

    Hey man, You do a great job in presenting simple, yet non-obvious solutions to everyday fashion screw ups. I particularly enjoyed the tip on how to fold a button down in the back before tucking in. I used to NEVER tuck those in unless accompanied by a suit and tie cuz I got that extreme V shape torso. Now, I can actually show off that slim waist and broad shoulders by using that fold technique. And yeah. People not wearing watches??? Please!

  6. This guy "Teachinmensfashion" has a lot of good points.
    I enjoy wearing watches, but I often lose them, and keep buying them over & over.
    I like wearing tight jeans, but not everywhere, because people are too macho & will hate me.

  7. People wear their hat indoors because most people don’t give a s*** at the grocery store if they’re hat isn’t en vogue or not. Also you’re completely forgetting about hip hop culture and style.

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