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Video Summary:
:29 – Rewards Align With Your Objectives
1:02 – Wake Up Early
1:48 – Try One thing New
four:38 – Exercising In The Morning
five:26 – Make Time To Study Books
6:05 – Eat Healthier
6:46 – Use A Basic Alarm Clock
7:12 – Understand A New Skill
9:03 – Contact Somebody And Say You Adore Them
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  1. Ayo Pacheco

    You could just attach links to your videos instead of doing all this advertisement. It’s really distracting for me because I am here to hear you talk sense. Please make effort to stay on message because I kinda love your message.

  2. SFCjfox20 fox

    I think you covered most of it. I have listened to people say find "you" time. I always found that funny. I find that " you" time in a good book, at the gym, or even driving to and from work.

  3. You know, I really like that box you got at 2:53, but when I go onto the website, none of the boxes I see there come remotely close to looking like yours, or worth 45$, let alone >70$. 🙁

  4. Joshua Haeward II

    Wow. I can’t come up with anything else really! I wish that there was some sort of book list in the description. One for each of these things 🙂

  5. Republic of Aquarion

    I Would love it if some of you guys could check out my book, just search google for Universal Improvement Volume One KJL

  6. Isaac Yochelson

    I was with you until you said no carbs. Long chain carbs are good for you, you’re never going to be able to run a marathon or cycle a century without them.

  7. Marcus Hollis

    just got the best deal on a 38 slim navy jacket I paid $63.65 the original price was $190 . what kind of tie should I use trying to look good for my girlfriend at the dance

  8. Shaun Wilson

    i would add making a list of 10 things I’m grateful for that have happened this year, and taking at least 3 times a day to thank God for them…

  9. Learn to cook, there’s no reason that as a man you wouldn’t know how to cook even basic food such as pasta, or fry or BBQ meat such as chicken, pork, beef, fish, etc…

  10. One piece of free advice from me……. I’m pretty happy and successful in life to comment that…… Invest your life in something that’s a necessity to someone for example providing clothes to the needy, books to needy students….. As my father says a life invested in necessities of others is a life lived otherwise even an actor earns money…. But his life is not worth living aa it’s not invested in necessity of others……… That’s why Abraham Lincoln, mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, sir Isaac Newton, Rabindra Nath tagore…….. Their achievements in life is way more than 100 of our lives together………… Because they always considered necessity their first priority…. Life invested in necessity of others is a life of a king……. Otherwise you’re a just another slave of the rich… If you invest in providing luxury to others… No matter how big your business is….!!

  11. When you wake up in the morning, you wash your face, brush your teeth, just do everything you can to stay clean and fresh. Staying organized by cleaning your room or house could work too!

  12. This videos really help me improve myself. I got up early today and i was thinking about going back to bed. After having some coffee and watching this video im heading out and going to have a productive day.

  13. Nazik Malak

    I follow something that really changed my life .. i tried to do only one thing to do do each week and stick to it .. i started with taking shawer

  14. Mr. Lorenzo

    If you have lost your mojo,

    honestly, travel, traveling frees the soul, meet people from different places, learn new things , try new things, and make connections and hopefully that will re-invigorate you.

    Quick travel tip, airline tickets are cheapest on the tuesdays.

  15. Fernando Coelho

    I agree with everything you say hands down Anthonio :). But may I add one more thing from my life experience that without Christ first in our lives it’s all in vain.. I wish the very best for everyone here who made the effort to watch this video to improve your lives, cos that’s what we should be doing for ourselves and our society 🙂

  16. Ricardo Carvalho

    I would suggest taking a new approach on music. Not listening only the "easy" pop/rock music on the local radio, but instead learning new genres and artists. Investing in a couple of decent headphones, or in a hifi system helps. Not expensive at all and can make a lot of a difference!

  17. Eliran Sobel

    Two comments-

    1. About books – does fiction count?

    2. About eating better – I think you’re a great guy, and want you to continue to do what you’ve been doing for a long time. So, I will say that a whole-foods, plant-based diet is what’s best for human health. For more info on the actual science behind that claim, take a look at Dr. Michael Greger (he has a website and a recent book How Not to Die).

  18. Luke Hodson

    I think that a great way to build confidence on top of everything else you mentioned, is to go get a suit tailored. I know that last year I bought a suit of the rack and waited to get it tailored because I was working out and didn’t know how my body would change. Get you’re suit tailored perfectly to you and your body and it’ll boost your confidence so much. Because every girls crazy about a sharp dresses man!

  19. Someone once told me to stop worrying about how my life would be tomorrow, cuz I can’t do anything by just getting worried. I’ve been applying it since then, and my life is SO MUCH easier. 😀

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